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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Back in Sydney for SOCAP

So after a couple of trips to Melbourne in the last few weeks, I'm now a little further north in the sunny city of Sydney for the SOCAP Symposium and awards. It's actually one of the more interesting conferences that I photograph with speakers primarily taking about customer service and complaints procedures. The topics though seem to always relate to what makes a great service or product and how you support your customers to give them the best experience. Universally interesting topics for anyone in business.
I was thinking about this on the way up in two situations that I've been through recently, Flying Virgin and a faulty Calvin Klein watch.

Travelling a little more certainly makes you appreciate the small things; Virgin now offering free tea and coffee, or just walking down the isle with water. They've also go an on demand entertainment app now which worked seamlessly. On the other hand my rather expensive CK watch which fell apart after just over a year was resolutely denied a warranty claim recently, despite the fact that it has no signs of damage or careless treatment.
The decision for me is simple- support those companies that have an attitude of proactive care and support rather than those that decide they would rather squeeze another $200 out of you for simple repairs.
So anyway, after all my ramblings, it will be interesting to see what O glean from this years SOCAP symposium. Stay Tuned.

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